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Nanjing Lengde pays tribute to all laborers

2021-04-29 13:37

 1.Introduction to Labor Day

Also known as International Labor Day"May 1 International Labor Day" and "International Day of Demonstrations". It is a national holiday in more than 80 countries around the world. On May 1st of each year, it is a festival shared by working people all over the world. It was the Second International, led by Engels, that held its congress in Paris. The meeting adopted a resolution stipulating1890YearOn May 1, the international workers held a march and decided to designate May 1 as International Labor Day.


 II, Labor Day quotes

Inspiration is but a reward for tenacious labor. -- Repin

Physical labor is a great disinfectant against all social viruses. -- Marx

May Day Labor Day,Tribute to all brothers and sisters who fought together and all superheroes who practiced transcendence.! May we unite as one, to create a better environment, pay persistence, never stop!The harder you work, the luckier you are.!The more beyond, the more outstanding!2021Labor Day, I wish all brothers and sisters who struggle together, all efforts will be rewarded, all persistence, all achievements, all efforts will be beautiful, all dreams will be realized, all struggles will blossom and bear fruit.!Nanjing Lengde wishes everyone a happy Labor Day and a happy and healthy family.!