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Thank you for your kindness!

2017-11-23 16:18




Thanksgiving Origin:

In September 1620, Bradford, a prominent leader of the Puritans, gathered 102 companions to board a wooden galleon called the Mayflower. With a good vision, they embarked on a Columbus-style adventure. After nearly two months of sea turbulence, they finally saw the outline of the land with faith and courage.

For these confident and joyful Puritans, however, the first winter was not easy. The cold wind blowing from the Atlantic Ocean and the snow and ice all over the sky caught the newcomers by surprise. The harsh environment and the lack of necessary equipment caused many people to fall ill. Infectious diseases have taken many lives. After the winter, only 50 of the migrants who had worked so hard to reach the Americas survived. When spring came, the kind-hearted Indians found them and brought them many necessities of life. They also specially sent people to teach them how to hunt, fish, cultivate corn, pumpkin and raise turkeys. With the help of the Indians, they had a bumper harvest this autumn. The first Puritan immigrants from England finally gained a foothold in the colony.

At the end of November, the immigrants held a grand celebration. They want to thank God for the gift and the selfless help of the Indians. The celebration lasted for three days. At dawn on the first day, the immigrants fired a salute, marched into a room used as a church, prayerfully thanked God, and then lit a bonfire for a grand banquet. The invited Indians brought five deer as gifts. Game from the mountains and home-grown corn, pumpkin, turkey, etc. were made into delicacies by the immigrants. The guests and the host sat around the roaring bonfire, having a feast together and sharing their friendship. In the cool autumn wind, the Indian boys sang and danced with the young men of the Plymouth colony. On the second and third days, wrestling, racing, archery and other activities were held. From then on, the Puritans began a new life.

This custom was passed down. At the time of the unification of the thirteen states in North America, the first President George Washington established Thanksgiving as a national holiday, but the states decided on their own celebration time. It was not until 1863 that President Lincoln determined the fourth Thursday of November each year as a fixed day of Thanksgiving.

Learn to be grateful:

A person comes into the world, not for distress, but for gratitude. Thank parents for their kindness, friends for their kindness, husband and wife for their peers, colleagues for their help, leaders for their kindness, etc. We should be grateful to everyone and everything around us, and always have a grateful heart for life.

Gratitude carries responsibility. People who know how to be grateful always carry the responsibility on their shoulders, as they do in life. The same is true at work. Responsibility is a kind of quality, a kind of morality, a kind of realm, a kind of ability. Responsibility out of courage, wisdom, strength, responsibility is a reliable way to achieve career. People who are grateful often take the company as their home, work as friends, share weal and woe with the enterprise, and share the same fate. Responsibility is an inexhaustible motive force for a person to achieve something, which can stimulate the potential energy in his heart, thus exerting great potential. In this way, the organization can develop continuously and truly gather strength to move towards the future.

Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving!