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Passion Melting Team Cohesion Achievement Dream

2021-07-22 17:33

The company organized and arranged for the summary of half a year's work and the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the founding of Lengde.Passion melting teamCohesion achievement dream"Team building activities aim to enrich employees' spare time, further strengthen team cohesion, enhance the ability of unity and cooperation among teams, and better serve customers.

2021Year7Month17On the morning of the 1st, we went to Jiangning Hengxi Qixian Dafu Village Ecological Hotel, and the activity officially kicked off at 9 am.

 The company organized a series of wonderful activities such as game fruit Lianlianyou, traveling around the world, speed and passion, etc. Although it rained that day, it did not affect our enthusiasm at all. The employees gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, were not afraid of difficulties, and successfully completed one task after another.

The activity site is both passionate and warm and harmonious. In each activity, the employees cooperate with each other, help each other, encourage each other, and enjoy the passion of youth, and carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and cooperation,.

This group building activity strengthened the communication and cooperation between employees, and also made everyone deeply realize that the strength of a person is limited, the strength of a team is indestructible, and the success of the team requires the joint efforts of each of our members!

As the saying goes, a single thread does not form a line, a single tree does not form a forest! It is also a piece of iron, which can be melted and destroyed, or it can be refined into steel; the same team can do nothing, and it can also achieve great things. There are various roles in a team, and everyone must find their own position. Because there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team!

After the group building activities, we held a meeting with us.2021Mid-year summary and commendation conference in the first half of the year.

In this joy accompanied by sweat, success accompanied by hardship, regret to encourage the struggle for half a year, our company emerged in batches of outstanding grass-roots employees. They are serious, positive and optimistic in their work, and the nature of their work is tedious and complicated, but they can treat them peacefully, deal with things in an orderly manner, and always finish their work consciously, conscientiously and meticulously.

Next, Zhao Zong, general manager of the company, made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's excellent achievements and enterprise development in the past six months. He also put forward the company's next development ideas and described the company's bright future. Every one of us can feel the bright future of the company and strengthen our confidence.

Finally, in the loud national anthem ended a day of happy and solemn activities!


    Thanks to the Lengde platform for providing us with good growth opportunities and giving us endless care. With everyone's joint participation and hard work, our road of cold virtue will surely become wider and wider!