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Nanjing Lengde-escort for your health

2021-03-13 13:40

In order to enhance the health awareness of employees, protect their health and ensure safe production,2021March13Day Company OrganizationYi 'an physical examination unit to the company for employeesAnnual health check-ups were conducted.And according to the physiological characteristics of male and female employees to arrange personalized examination,In addition, a number of targeted occupational health examinations were conducted for some front-line employees.

Regular medical examinations are very important for everyone. Physical examination is not only responsible for oneself, but also responsible for the family, the enterprise and the society. For a long time, the company attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of employees, regularly organizes employees to conduct physical health checks, and establishes employee health files, so as to better track and record the physical health of employees and ensure that each employee can be full of enthusiasm., Healthy body into work.

Through physical examination, on the one hand, we can understand the physical condition of employees, on the other hand, we also remind employees to enhance their awareness of self-care and attach importance to the prevention and control of diseases. The company takes practical actions to care about the health of employees and organize employees to conduct physical examinations, so that employees can truly feel the warmth of the company and enhance their centripetal force and sense of belonging.