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Warm congratulations to Nanjing Lengde won the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

2015-12-15 15:56

If an enterprise wants to survive, want to obtain long-term operation, and want to be recognized by the majority of consumers, then it must have a "longevity gene", that is, quality. Because the product quality of an enterprise is just like a person's spirit and a registered trademark of an enterprise, Lengde Company has always adhered to this standard, continuously improving product quality and providing customers with the best service. In December 2015, it was awarded ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, which is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of the company's efforts!

The ISO9001 quality system specifies the requirements of the quality management system, including the development of quality assurance models for design, production, installation and service, which are used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements. ISO is an international standard on ISO9000 quality management system published by the International Organization for Standardization in 1987. It is suitable for all walks of life around the world to improve the quality of their products, projects or services, thus reaching a level recognized by the world.

In October 2015, the company launched a large-scale training around a number of basic management principles of quality system procedure documents, established a quality management system according to the requirements of the standard, prepared documents, implemented and maintained, and continuously improved the effectiveness of the quality management system to ensure that it meets the requirements of laws and regulations, customer requirements and the requirements of the company based on its own development.

In November 2015, quality certification center audit experts visited our company for on-site audit and communicated with the heads of relevant departments. The experts fully affirmed the company's work in quality control, resource management, marketing services, production, procurement, etc., and unanimously confirmed that the quality management system of Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. meets the certification requirements and operates effectively. In December 2015, the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification was officially issued to our company.

Lengde Company ISO9001: The acquisition of the 2008 quality management system certification is a standardized and standardized comprehensive test of the company's various management work, and an important guarantee for the company's sustained, stable and healthy development. We will further optimize and standardize the management system, and constantly improve the effectiveness of the system operation, and constantly improve the company's management level, and jointly promote the rapid development of the company, so that the product excellence, to create value for customers, to provide more powerful protection.


热烈祝贺南京冷德荣获ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证  热烈祝贺南京冷德荣获ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证