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Introduction of high efficiency oil and gas separator

2014-09-24 10:26

At present, large-scale central air-conditioning and low-temperature refrigeration places generally use screw refrigeration main machines, but screw compressors generally use oil injection compression. The exhaust of the compressor will take part of the refrigerating oil out of the compressor. In order to prevent the refrigerating oil of the compressor from entering the system, especially when it is very difficult to return oil to the evaporators of water chillers and low-temperature refrigeration units using full-liquid evaporators, it has a great impact on the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, therefore, it is necessary to set an oil-gas separator at the discharge end of the compressor. Although in the prior art, the compressor is equipped with a built-in oil-gas separator, the oil-gas separation is not complete enough, and a large amount of oil still enters the heat exchanger along with the exhaust gas. Therefore, many manufacturers configure a secondary oil-gas separator before the condenser inlet of the unit, in order to reduce the amount of refrigerant oil entering the heat exchanger as much as possible.

The external secondary oil separator is generally large in volume and occupies the space of the unit, which makes the structure tend to be complicated; the secondary oil and gas separator is built into the condenser, which will also bring certain difficulties to the design and processing of the condensation. Moreover, the effect of oil and gas separation in practice is not ideal. In view of this, Lengde Company overcomes the shortcomings of the existing design and develops a new type of external high-efficiency oil and gas separator, which uses a variety of separation methods such as cyclone separation, steering separation, and filtration separation to separate the oil and gas mixture (patented technology). After many tests, the oil return of the unit using this oil and gas separator is normal after long-term operation, the heat exchange coefficient of the heat exchanger is not attenuated, the oil separation effect is excellent, and the outlet oil carrying rate is only 500PPM, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the screw refrigeration unit. In addition, the most important thing is that it has the characteristics of small size and simple processing and manufacturing, which can reduce the space and assembly difficulty of the unit and manufacturing, and can be widely used in various screw refrigeration units.