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High efficiency oil and gas separator for parallel screw unit

2014-09-23 10:14




At present, large-scale low-temperature refrigeration and refrigeration places generally use multi-machine parallel screw refrigeration units, but screw compressors generally use oil-injected compression. The exhaust of the compressor will take part of the refrigeration oil out of the compressor, in order to prevent the compressor The refrigerant oil enters the system, which has a great impact on the reliable operation of the compressor and the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, so it is necessary to install an oil and gas separator at the exhaust end of the compressor. Lengde Company has designed a series of products for screw compressors without oil separators, especially parallel screw compression condensing units. The special performance and structural design of this product enable it to ensure sufficient lubricating oil supply for each compressor, ensure the safe operation of the compressor, and improve the heat exchange efficiency of the system.

After the oil-gas mixture is discharged from the discharge end of the compressor, it enters the oil separator along the annular passage formed between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder of the oil separator. The oil droplets are separated on the cylinder wall under the action of centrifugal force, and the separated oil Gradually gather into larger oil droplets and flow into the oil storage section at the bottom of the oil separator. The inner cylinder is equipped with a set of filter layers to form a barrier to capture the mist oil. This barrier makes the mist oil become disordered, so that the mist oil droplets collide with each other, gather, and become adsorbed on the filter. Larger oil droplets finally reach the oil storage section at the bottom of the oil separator by gravity. A dish-shaped reflection screen is arranged under the inner cylinder. The reflection screen makes the oil storage section independently separated, which can prevent the oil in the oil storage section from being taken away by excessive gas flow rate. The oil storage section is provided with an oil sight mirror, an electric heater and an oil level switch. The product is suitable for R22, R134a, R407C, R404A and other refrigerants, with a volume range of 20 ~ 700L and a compressor displacement range of 130~2400 m3/h. The oil return of the unit using this kind of oil and gas separator is normal after long-term operation, the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger is not attenuated, and the oil separation effect is excellent, so that the operating efficiency of the screw refrigeration unit is greatly improved.