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NO. Gaochun 2019G05 plot real estate development project water and soil conservation acceptance publicity

2022-08-05 18:49

NO.Gaochun2019G05Land Real Estate Development ProjectLocatedChunxi Street, Gaochun District, Nanjing City, west of Beiyi Road, north of Beiling Road and south of Hyatt Road.

The total construction area of the project is26550.19m2, of which the above-ground building area18147.0m2, underground construction area8403.19m2. ProjectMainConstruction content is5HouseBuilding, related supporting rooms and ancillary facilities, underground for the first floor of the basement..

Total amount of earthwork used in the Project4.32millionm3, of which the total amount of excavation is3.37millionm3, the total amount of fill is0.95millionm3, the total amount of borrowing is0.90millionm3, the total amount of the remaining square is3.32millionm3.

Project in2019Year12Construction started in January2022Year6Monthly completion, total construction period31Months. Project investment2.15Billions of yuan, of which civil construction investment0.92Billions of dollars.

According to the site survey and the work report of each unit, the acceptance team draws the following acceptance conclusions:NO.Gaochun2019G05Land Real Estate Development ProjectDuring the implementation process, the requirements of the water and soil conservation plan and approval documents have been implemented, and the prevention and control tasks of water and soil loss have been completed. The water and soil loss prevention and control indicators have all reached the target values determined in the water and soil conservation plan, meeting the conditions for acceptance of water and soil conservation facilities, and it is agreed that the water and soil conservation facilities of the project have passed the acceptance.

NO.Gaochun2019G05Land Real Estate Development ProjectMaterials for acceptance of water and soil conservation facilities2022Year8Month5day to be made public. During the publicity period, any unit or individual can reflect the problems of the publicity content to our company through letters, calls, etc.

Contact person and telephone number: Li Gong  13260928663