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Report Form of Soil and Water Conservation Plan for Block 2, Wenchuang Street, Zhihui Bay, Phase I Residential Building, 4# Plot Publicized

2022-10-31 11:49

According to the notice of the general office of the Ministry of water resources on the management of water and soil conservation commitment system for production and construction projects (water and soil conservation 〔2020 No. 160), before the project is submitted for approval, the production and construction unit (Jiangsu Fangyang Group Co., Ltd.) shall disclose the full text of the water and soil conservation plan to be submitted for approval to the public, and the publicity period shall not be less than 10 working days.During the publicity period, any unit or individual can reflect the problems of the publicity content to our company through letters, calls, etc.

Contact person and telephone number:Zhang Gong   18794890628