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Report Form of Water and Soil Conservation Plan of Fishing Service Center and Fishing Base Project

2022-06-11 08:15

The project is located in Xuwei Street, Xuwei New District, National East-West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, east of Urumqi Road and south of Xuwei Avenue. Public transport is more convenient. Longitude of center of project area:119 ° 27 ′ 36.36 ″E, Latitude:34°34 ′ 52.32 ″N.

MainConstruction content:According to the General Plan, the actual total land area of the project41827m2, the type of land is urban residential land, which has been2021Year12Completed in January, including construction area3044m2All are above ground buildings. plot ratio0.07, building density7%The rate of green space7.91%. This project has been newly created1management service center,1ecological restaurant,1Power distribution room,1Seat on the parking lot.The land occupation type isTownResidential land.Total earthwork excavation and filling of the project0.70millionm3The amount of earth and stone excavated during the construction period is0.35millionm3, filled0.35millionm3, no debitYu Fang.This project has been2021Year3Commencement in2021Year12MonthEnd completion, total construction period10Months.

Fishing Service Center and Fishing Base Project (Phase I)Report Table of Water and Soil Conservation Plan2022Year6Month11day to be made public. During the publicity period, any unit or individual can reflect the problems of the publicity content to our company through letters, calls, etc.

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