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Fanghuayuan Water and Soil Conservation Plan Report Form Publicity

2022-06-11 08:15

Located in Xuwei Street, Xuwei New District, Lianyungang City (longitude:119°30'9.61", Latitude:34°36'46.28"),The project is from Yunhu Road in the north, Lighthouse Road in the south, Yunsan Road in the east and Yunsi Road in the west.. MainConstruction content: above ground construction2Building6FResidential buildings (1#,2#) and21Building8FResidential buildings (3#23#),1Seat3Fkindergarten,2Seat1FThe doorman (1#doorman,2#doorman),5Seat1FPower distribution room (1#5#power distribution room),1Seat1FWater pump house,1Seat1FCommunity activity center and old-age housing and related supporting facilities, underground construction1Floor overall basement. Design vehicle position1252Vehicles, non-motor vehicle parking spaces1378Car.Total construction area154540.06m2, of which the above-ground building area113693.85m2, underground construction area40846.21m2.Project plot ratio1.44, building density24.69%The rate of green space35.3%.The total area of the project11.00hm2,Permanent land7.87hm2Temporary land occupation3.13hm2.The occupied land is residential land.Total earthwork excavation and filling of the project22.71millionm3The amount of earth and stone excavated during the construction period is12.21millionm3, filled10.50millionm3(including greening overburden0.83millionm3, no debit,Surplus1.71millionm3.This project has been2021Year5Commencement in January, scheduled2023Year12MonthEnd completion, total construction period31Months.

Fanghuayuan Water and Soil Conservation Plan Report Form From2022Year6Month11day to be made public. During the publicity period, any unit or individual can reflect the problems of the publicity content to our company through letters, calls, etc.

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