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In the golden autumn season, the fragrance of osmanthus is fragrant and the whole country is jubilant to welcome the National Day.

2020-10-07 17:13

  On October 7, 2020, located in Hantang Road, Dongping Street Industrial Park, Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. held a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of New China,General Manager Zhao Fengrong, Chief Engineer Wang Xuefeng and Sales Director Wang Ning attended the event..

When the members of the national flag guard held their heads high and took sonorous and forceful steps to guard the sacred national flag, the staff's respect for the national flag came into being."Get up! People who don't want to be slaves ...." The national anthem sounded majesticly, and the members of the national flag guard waved with a mighty wave. Accompanied by the employees' gaze and loud singing, the bright red five-star red flag rose slowly and fluttered over Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Under the bright national flag, in the solemn atmosphere, the feelings of patriotism and love for the factory and striving to be strong are stirring in the hearts of every employee.



After the flag-raising ceremony, the general manager of the company delivered a speech,He said:2020Was an extraordinary year, the company is united as one, although affected by the new coronavirus,DepartmentsExcellent completion of quarterly tasks.SummaryIn addition to the work in the first three quarters, the work in the first three quarters was affirmed and the deficiencies were pointed out.Details determine success or failure,And encourage and call on everyone to work happily, work hard and be ordinary people,not stopping in front of the results,Happiness is a struggle, work always adhere"Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of our work" purpose, to make due contributions to the development of the company.

This flag-raising ceremony enhancedEmployeeThe sense of responsibility and mission, improveEmployeeThe patriotic enthusiasm, cultivatedEmployeeThe patriotic sentiment, makeI...We feel extremely proud under the bright five-star red flag.