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[2020 Lengde Annual Inventory] 2021 Lengde Set Sail Again

2021-02-09 10:33

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the past 2020 is destined to go down in history. A sudden epidemic at the beginning of the year disrupts the rhythm of everyone. No matter which city, industry or age, all face the same challenges. For Lengde, it is no exception, but everyone does not abandon or give up, achieving one new record after another, from the first batch of resumption of work at the beginning of the year, the breakthrough of counter attack in the middle of the year, and the perfect surpassing by the end of the year. With the arrival of 2021, Lengde will embark on a new journey, a new starting point, a new future, new goals and new plans.

Lengde in the outbreak at the beginning of the year, as the first batch of outbreak resumption enterprises in Lishui, walk in the forefront of epidemic prevention and resumption of work, shoulder the heavy responsibility, fire the first shot of the fight against the epidemic resumption of work, lay the foundation for the realization of the annual goal, thank the government support, thank the staff to pay.


The first quarter of January and February affected by the epidemic, the overall order is not saturated, but at this time the production, quality department began to practice hard to move, do tooling, change the process, organize a series of training, for the annual quality and production efficiency to lay a good foundation. Beginning in March, with the stabilization of the epidemic, the marketing department began to take the initiative to visit the market, develop high-quality large customers, in April to achieve orders, production, sales three-line reverse double growth, and during the period, the technology department continued to develop new products, a series of high-performance products came into being.


In the second quarter, Lengde, through the Dunham Bush Review Factory, cooperated with high-quality enterprises such as Tianga Thermal Energy and Shanghai Kaishan to carry out projects ranging from air conditioning to thermal energy. Over the past year, Lengde products have also begun to serve large-scale government energy-saving renovation projects, such as the renovation of water-source heat pumps at a high-speed railway station in Henan and air-conditioning projects at Shanghai Railway Station.


In the third quarter, with the strong support of new and old customers, the marketing department continued to visit new markets, developed a number of high-quality batch order customers, and the output value continued to create a new history. In order to ensure the delivery date of customers, all departments are ready to fight at full capacity and light the midnight oil. In August, orders, production and sales will reach a new height.


In the fourth quarter, the entire staff of Lengde did not relax at all. Through hard work, they achieved and greatly exceeded the goals set at the beginning of the year.


Although 2020 is over, the achievements are gratifying and the credit belongs to everyone. The company responded to the government's call and did not gather. In the company's simple and grand organization of year-end report and annual outstanding awards, Lengde returned to the starting point with full honors and was about to usher in a 2021 full of opportunities. We set sail again with high spirit. Finally, Lengde all wish you and your family a happy New Year and a happy Year of the Ox!