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The most beautiful April day in the world | Nanjing Leng Decheng invites you to attend the 29th Beijing International Refrigeration Exhibition

2018-03-27 02:18


人间最美四月天 | 南京冷德诚邀您参加第29届北京国际制冷展


Accompanied by the breeze, April came like this.

Farewell to the hustle and bustle of March,

April has its own excitement in April.

In the nest-seeking returning swallows, in the budding floral,

In the lingering spring rain, in the budding willow silk,

Spring will be everywhere......


Refrigeration compatriots also ushered in their annual international event. The 29th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, HVAC, Ventilation and Food Processing Expo (CRH) will be held in Beijing, China from April 9 to 11, 2018. The International Exhibition Center was grandly held.

At this grand meeting, Nanjing Lengde will set sail again and will bring patented products such as siphon complete heat exchangers for refrigeration and refrigeration, multi-machine complete heat exchangers for coal-to-electricity projects, complete heat exchange containers for water-cooled compression condensing units, and high-efficiency centrifugal oil separators to Beijing to participate in the exhibition. At that time, the company's latest product innovation research results will be presented to every old and new friend. Here we sincerely invite you, welcome new and old friends to visit Lengde booth W2B67 for guidance, discussion, improvement and growth. We look forward to your visit!


人间最美四月天 | 南京冷德诚邀您参加第29届北京国际制冷展



人间最美四月天 | 南京冷德诚邀您参加第29届北京国际制冷展



人间最美四月天 | 南京冷德诚邀您参加第29届北京国际制冷展


More important words must be put at the end.

Lengde commitment: always adhere to the quality of the bottom line, no matter any reason for any reason will not give up quality!