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Warmly congratulate Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. on the successful passing of the replacement examination of Class D manufacturing certificate.

2020-09-27 16:38

2020YearOn September 23,Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Technical SupervisionPieNanjingSpecial Equipment Inspection and Research InstituteThreeA review team of experts, rightNanjing Lengde Energy Saving TechnologyLimited CompanyClass DThe manufacturing certificate was carried out.RoutineOn-site review.

Company since2015Year acquiredD1、D2Pressure Vessel Manufacturingand designLicense,A fewDuring the years, we have gone through several replacement work, and each review is a training and promotion for us. It isNanjing Lengde Energy Saving TechnologyLimited company from senior management to all colleagues with an open mind to accept expert advice, the review process as a learning and training process of this concept, only to make the entire company's safety awareness, product quality and management level continues to improve.

During the periodOneIn the day's review, the review team was right.Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving TechnologyLimited CompanyThe quality assurance system, resource conditions, technical capabilities, site control and other aspects of the strict review. During the review process,Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving TechnologyLimitedThe company's leadership and responsible engineers took it seriously, actively listened to the suggestions of the review team experts, and said that they would actively make continuous improvements in technology and quality. The expert teacher of the review team is right.LengdeThe spirit of unity, seeking truth from facts, and continuous progress expressed praise, and expressed sincere congratulations on the growth of the company.

With the continuous growth and development of Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., it is committed to seeking benefits from management, and always puts "safety, reliability, and energy saving" throughout the design and manufacturing, which also makes us pressure vessels for domestic refrigeration and air conditioning The popularity of the industry continues to increase. In the domestic market, Lengde's products are spread across various provinces and cities, and it has become the preferred supplier of pressure vessel products for well-known enterprises in the industry.

The company has been committed to technology research and development, product quality and continuous improvement. The Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the review after the replacement of Class D manufacturing certificate, which also put forward higher requirements for us. We will draw inferences from the suggestions put forward by the experts of the review team, and continue to deepen the management to provide customers with high-quality products and services.