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Working principle of falling film evaporator

2019-12-01 13:28

in understandingfalling film evaporatorFirst, let's understand its structure. Later, we will briefly introduce the working principle of the falling film evaporator. The following editor will give you a brief understanding:
The main body of the falling film evaporator is composed of many structures. Such as hot pressure pump, separator, insulation pipe, water pump and instrument cabinet and other components, these devices have their own characteristics and uses, these devices, all direct contact with the material, are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, the quality can be guaranteed. The working principle of the falling film evaporator is as follows:
When the material to be concentrated enters the heating tube of the falling film evaporator, it will form a thin film on its inner wall and continue to flow downward. In this process, because the outside of the tube is also heated, the film in the heating tube will rise in temperature, even boil, and some of it will begin to evaporate. Next, the liquid film continued to move downward, initially because of the effect of gravity. Later, with the continuous generation of steam in the tube, the downward flowing steam drove the liquid film to continue to flow downward, and the speed of movement was also continuously accelerated. Up.
In the lower part of the tube of the falling film evaporator and in the downstream centrifugal separator, the remaining liquid and vapor are separated. In order to ensure the function of the falling film evaporator, all the heating surfaces are uniformly wetted by the liquid, which is very necessary, especially in the lower part of the heating tube, otherwise there will be local dry wall and crusts.
Falling film evaporation it can be under the condition of low temperature vacuum, continuous operation, and has the advantages of energy saving, high evaporation capacity and ensuring that the material does not deform. These are the reasons for its popularity.
The above is the content of the small series, I hope to help you.
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