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What is a shell and tube condenser?

2014-09-22 01:05

1. Shell and tube condenser is a kind of heat exchanger commonly used in chillers. It is similar to shell and tube evaporator. Shell and tube condenser is composed of shell, tube sheet, heat transfer tube bundle, and cooling water distribution components (water cover or A closed water-cooled condenser composed of water distribution tank), cooling water and refrigerant inlet and outlet pipe joints, etc.

2, small condenser shell can choose thick seamless steel pipe. The shell of the large condenser is welded with steel plate. The tube plate is welded to both ends of the shell to form a complete shell. Many holes (tube holes) are machined on the tube plate. After the heat transfer tube bundle penetrates the tube holes, both ends are connected with the tube plate by expansion or welding, and must have good air tightness.

3. Shell and tube condenser is mainly used in water-cooled chillers. According to the spatial orientation of the shell and the heat transfer tube bundle (vertical or horizontal), the shell and tube condenser can be divided into vertical and horizontal. But no matter which type it is, the cooling water is on the tube side (inside the heat transfer tube bundle), and the refrigerant is on the shell side (inside the shell, outside the heat transfer tube bundle), that is, high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor The outer surface of the heat transfer tube is cooled, condensed and converged to the point of the shell. The reason for this arrangement is that the average heat transfer coefficient between the cooling water and the tube bundle is generally higher than the average heat transfer coefficient of refrigerant vapor condensation, and condensation requires a larger heat exchange surface; in addition, in order to make high temperature, The pressure of the high-pressure refrigerant vapor is controlled within a certain range, and a larger space is also required.

4. In addition to the different spatial orientations, there is another important difference between vertical and horizontal shell and tube condensers. This is that there are water covers at both ends of the horizontal shell and tube condenser, and the water cover and the shell (or tube plate) are often Flanged, so the cooling water is in a closed space. Therefore, the horizontal shell and tube condenser is also called the closed shell and tube condenser. The vertical shell-and-tube condenser is often located on a water collection pool, with no water cover at the upper and lower ends, but with a water distribution tank at the upper end. After the cooling water is distributed by many water diverters in the water diverter box, it enters each heat transfer valve, and after absorbing heat from the pipe wall, it flows out from the lower end and falls into the water collecting pool. Therefore, the vertical shell-tube condenser is also called open shell-tube condenser.

The above is the understanding and classification of shell and tube condenser by Nanjing Lengde Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., and according to the different types of cold water machines, the selected condenser is also different.

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