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Congratulations to Lengde for passing the SGS certification of Made in China and becoming a "certified supplier"

2018-09-25 17:31




Recently, Lengde passed the SGS certification supplier of Made in China. SGS certification refers to SGS's service of certification of conformity to targets according to standards, regulations, customer requirements and other conditions. To carry out the relevant certification, must pass the inspection, testing, identification, certification and other means (SGS certification itself is not a certification, but refers to the SGS certification services).

SGS is the abbreviation of Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A., translated as "General Notary Bank". Founded in 1878, it is currently the world's largest and oldest private third-party multinational company engaged in product quality control and technical appraisal. Headquartered in Geneva, it has more than 1000 branches and professional laboratories and more than 59000 professional technicians around the world, and carries out product quality inspection, monitoring and assurance activities in 142 countries.

"Certified Supplier" is a senior member service launched by Made in China, and it is also a fee-based service. It is a third party by the Swiss SGS Group, a well-known international authoritative inspection and certification company, to join the certification supplier (Audited Suppliers) service. Made in China members independently conduct on-site audit and certification and submit complete certification reports.

Features of 1. Certified Vendor Services

Standard for Chinese export enterprises, tailor-made certification system

The audit terms are formulated according to the unified standards of China Manufacturing Network, which is convenient for suppliers and buyers to compare horizontally and fairly.

A comprehensive and comprehensive display of foreign trade capabilities, a true reflection of the level of quality control

The project covers the production, trade, research and development and other aspects of the enterprise, all-round display of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise!

Real professionals field survey, provide audit report independently

The audit work is carried out by professionals on the spot, and the third party completes the service report independently.

Authoritative authorities work together to create a strong proof of export credit

China Manufacturing Network partner-international well-known inspection and certification company SGS as a third party independent audit to complete the report, each report has a unique SGS number.

Advantages of 2. a "Certified Supplier"

For China Suppliers For International Purchasers

√ Better show the strength of the enterprise

√ Understand the gap between the enterprise itself and the buyer's requirements

√ Clarify the market positioning of the enterprise itself

√ Stand out from the competition and win the favor of more buyers √ Reduce the risk of B2B transactions

√ Improve the efficiency of finding suppliers

√ Save time and cost of visiting suppliers

2. Distinguished signs

The certified supplier's logo will appear in your company's Showroom, and buyers will also have this logo when searching for company products with keywords. Make a clear distinction between you and other suppliers in terms of identity.

Field certification export doubling!

3. Certification Report

Certified suppliers, all by the Chinese manufacturing network appointed SGS company professional audit personnel on-site audit certification. After the audit, SGS will independently provide the "Audit Report" (PDF format) with SGS unique serial number. The report is uploaded to the supplier's Showroom in China Manufacturing Network by default and can be downloaded and viewed by buyers.

Certification content of 3. certified suppliers

Certified Supplier (Audited Suppliers) is a standardized audit and certification service provided by China Manufacturing Network ( for foreign trade-oriented Chinese suppliers to demonstrate their production and trade capabilities and quality management systems. The main authentication services include:

1. Confirmation of the real situation of the enterprise 2. Production capacity of the enterprise

3, enterprise foreign trade operation ability 4, enterprise product design and development ability

5. Quality management system and product certification 6. Enterprise development plan

7. Product certification documents 8. Certificate display and live pictures

1. Confirmation of the true situation of the enterprise

The basic situation of the enterprise real display in China manufacturing online, to win the recognition of buyers, so as to obtain more business opportunities.

Company Registered Name Market Distribution

Date of Establishment Principal Operation

Registered capital (USD) Products produced/sold

Total Address Area

Contact Company Organization Chart

Number of telephone departments

Fax Products/Business Scope

Email Name of Legal Representative

2, enterprise production capacity (applicable to manufacturers)

Show the production strength of the enterprise and let foreign buyers know the production scale and capacity of the enterprise.

Annual production capacity Factory area size

The main facilities used by the factory

3, the enterprise foreign trade capacity.

Demonstrate the enterprise's foreign trade capabilities, so that foreign buyers understand the foreign trade business operation experience, supply and security capabilities.

Education level and working experience of foreign trade personnel Training/qualification certification of foreign trade personnel

The company's successful global business cooperation experience overseas agency

4, enterprise product design and development capabilities.

Demonstrate the ability of enterprise product design and development, so that foreign buyers understand the ability of independent design and development of products.

Whether the product design and development department design control process

Developers' educational background, development experience What facilities are equipped for developers

Successful Product Project Design Change Control Procedure

5, Quality Management Systems

Show the quality control level of the enterprise, let foreign buyers understand the quality management system of the enterprise products, and enhance the confidence of cooperation.

The original quality system certification certificate to identify how to effectively implement the production process standards.

The original product quality certification certificate identifies the quality control in the production process.

How to select suppliers/outsourcers How to control and handle unqualified products

How to control the quality of incoming materials How to ensure that the finished product meets the requirements

Identification and control of nonconforming materials Customer complaint handling procedures

Material storage facilities and handling methods Corrective and preventive action mechanism

6. Product certification documents

On-the-spot confirmation of the product certification documents obtained by the enterprise, so that more buyers can rest assured to buy the products of the enterprise.

7. Enterprise Development Plan

Show the enterprise development plan, let the buyer understand the enterprise vision goal and the long-term development strength, promote the long-term cooperation.

8. Certificate Display

Show the certificates and honors obtained by the enterprise, and extend the brand awareness and product advantages of the enterprise under the network to the Internet!

For Nanjing Lengde, the most important role is to better promote the comprehensive strength of the enterprise to the target customer groups through the on-the-spot certification of the third-party well-known authority SGS and the display of the corresponding certification report on the Made in China website (including the significant mark of Audited Supplier), enhance the confidence of buyers whether to choose to cooperate with you, and also help the enterprise to understand the gap between itself and the requirements of buyers, including which links of the current quality management system need to be improved and how to improve, so as to further improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but also for the company's products to better go international in the future, improve the probability of trade success to lay the foundation.

For target customers, it can improve the efficiency of finding suppliers, save the time and cost of field visits to suppliers, reduce the risk of B2B transactions, and improve the success rate of transactions.