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Screw Falling Film Series Heat Exchanger

Feature Description: 1. The product uses a patented tooth-shaped high-efficiency enhanced film-type special evaporation tube, film evaporation, compared with the full-liquid nuclear state evaporation of the heat transfer efficiency increased by more than 5%; 2. Less refrigerant charge, the same cooling capacity than full liquid unit to save refrigerant 20% ~ 30%; 3. Multi-cavity distribution patented technology to ensure the uniform distribution of refrigerant liquid, eliminate the main pipe, and make full use of the heat exchange area; 4. The pipe layout is reasonable, and the air flow channel is arranged between the pipes to reduce the air flow rising resistance; 5. The bottom of the high concentration of oil return, oil return than the full liquid evaporator is more safe and reliable; 6. The shell is equipped with liquid level controller installation interface, easy to install; 7. Widely used, suitable for air conditioning, water/ground heat pump and other working conditions.

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