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Full liquid series heat exchanger

Feature Description: 1. The product uses a patented tooth-shaped high-efficiency enhanced full-liquid special evaporation tube, easy to produce gasification core; 2. The pipes are arranged reasonably, and air flow channels are arranged between the pipes to reduce the rising resistance of bubbles; 3. The liquid feeding at the bottom is provided with a liquid equalizing device to distribute the liquid evenly; 4. The upper part is provided with a liquid retaining device to effectively prevent the gas from carrying liquid; 5. The oil return port is arranged with multiple points of difference, and the oil return is safe and reliable; 6. The comprehensive heat transfer efficiency is extremely high, the heat transfer temperature difference is effectively reduced (the evaporation temperature can reach 6.5 ℃ under the condition of 7 ℃ cold water), and the energy saving effect is obvious. 7. Widely used, suitable for air conditioning, water/ground heat pump, low temperature and other working conditions.

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