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Falling-film heat exchanger

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Falling-film hea
Capacity rance:200kW~2000 kW
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Product description

1.Patent No.Z L 201410525257.9,Film evaporation. Compared with the flooded evaporator,the heat transfer efficiency is increased by more than 5%.

2.Special falling-film evaporation tube,liquid diffusion more uniform,no drying tube ,heat transfer area is fully utilized.

3.Two level distributed patent technology, uniform distribution,high heat transfer efficiency.

4.The electronic liquid level gauge is set to control the liquid level in the evaporator,accurate liquid supply high oil return efficiency.

5.Less refrigerant than the flooded evaporator ,it can save more than 35% refrigerant ,just for R22 and R134a.

6.Patented condenser technology(Patent No.ZL201520540322.5),condenser tube partition layout, liquid film is low, heat transfer efficiency increased by 15%.

7.The condenser inside is equipped with forced convection independent subcooler, which greatly improves the sub-cooling degree and system efficiency.

8.High efficiency built-in oil separator,so that the refrigerant into the heat exchanger is very little,can also choose external centrifugal oil separator.