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Heat exchanger of water-cooler dry-expansion water screw chiller (Single head)

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Hanbell screw compressor as a benchmark
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Product description

Product features:

1.Normal conditions: R22; inlet/outlet water temperature of evaporator 12/7℃;inlet/outlet water temperature of condenser 30/35℃;evaporating temperature 2℃;condensing temperature 40℃.

2.If using R134a,the same type of heat exchanger according to the nominal cooling capacity of 95% matching compressor; If using R407C,the same type of heat exchanger according to the nominal cooling capacity of 90% matching compressor; for other refrigerant products please contact us for the selection.

3.The series of products are also suitable for water source heat-pump screw chiller,The product has been fully considered in the design of the operating conditions change. Selection process is welcome to inquire.

4.The series of products with Hanbell screw compressor as a benchmark, also adapt to the compressor of other brands,you can refer to the selection of cooling capacity.

5.If the customer has special requirements on the material, installation size, structure, interface size, please contact us, we will provide you with a special custom service.