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Single-process dry complete heat exchanger


1. Patented structure (patent number: 201420476011.2), industry first: fluorine side single-process square shell dry evaporator, pure countercurrent heat exchange. 2. The special structure refrigerant distributor is adopted to make the amount of refrigerant liquid distributed to each heat exchange tube more uniform, which greatly improves the effective heat exchange area of the refrigerant side. 3. The single-process evaporator heat exchange tube layout area is rectangular, the use of square shell to make the evaporator shell side water side flow field more uniform, so that each heat exchange tube inside and outside the heat exchange state tends to be consistent, greatly improving the overall heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator. 4. The condenser adopts high-efficiency condensing heat exchange tubes with large pipe diameter, with few pipe rows. The upper part adopts three-dimensional strengthening tubes and the lower part adopts high-density low-rib tubes, which overcomes the disadvantages that the heat transfer coefficient of the conventional condenser decreases with the increase of the condensate volume, and greatly improves the comprehensive heat transfer coefficient of the condenser. 5. According to the different characteristics of the medium, the shell and heat exchange tube of different materials can be selected as the best supporting equipment for the water-cooled chiller.

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