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Seawater heat exchanger

1. High-efficiency enhanced condensing heat exchange tubes are adopted, and nickel cupronickel (B10, B30), aluminum brass (HAL77-2), stainless steel (321, 31803, 2205) and other materials are optional. 2. Adopt composite tube plate + cast copper end cover, strong corrosion resistance, stainless steel and other materials are optional; 3. The internal structure is specially designed for the characteristics of marine equipment, with high heat transfer coefficient and strong anti-swing ability; 4. The manufacturing process is exquisite, fully automatic inert gas protection welding, 100% NDT; 5. heat exchange tube and tube plate according to the requirements of different occasions can be used expansion, welding, expansion welding and other pipe end sealing process; 6. can be widely used in fishing boats, freighters, marine aquaculture, coastal chemical and other corrosive occasions, durable, safe and reliable.

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