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Multi-machine water source (sewage source) heat pump series heat exchanger

1. Standardized and serialized design, which can be matched with different types of scroll compressors of many brands, such as Copeland, Danfoss and Daikin, to facilitate customer selection. 2. In addition to the application of ordinary water source heat pump occasions, can also choose with anti-corrosion properties of the material (aluminum brass, nickel copper, stainless steel, etc.), especially suitable for bathing combined sewage water heat recovery field, is an excellent product to replace the traditional boiler and air source heat pump. 3. The product structure design is reasonable, and the installation structure and maintenance convenience of the system pipeline, compressor and electric control box are fully considered, so that the design work of the host manufacturer is simpler, and the installation and use are completely free from worries. 4. The condenser can be built-in heat recovery device, can also be matched with external heat recovery device to meet other hot water demand.

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